What families are saying

“Our experience with the pre-marital counseling has truly prepared us well. Even though we thought that we did a thorough preparation, asked the right questions, and discussed important matters, some of the topic questions encouraged us to talk about important issues in more details and depth. Something we would not have done otherwise. We have known each other since we were children, so we felt that we knew everything about one another, but one very important thing we learned and were made aware of was our different personalities and thought processes. Learning about each other’s personalities and how they may affect our actions and reactions in the marriage is making us better able to work with one another more effectively through challenging times. We strongly believe it is helping us in our daily interactions and relationship. The imam should make this counseling mandatory. Very much appreciated. We would recommend it to everyone getting married. Most of all the whole process was fun and we looked forward to our sessions. ”


“My kids and I went to MAS SSF in 2008, at a time when we needed counseling and support. We were going through a very difficult time and MAS SSF helped us get through it by giving us the psychological and emotional support that we needed. Thank you MAS SSF for helping me and my kids. Your services are wonderful and needed in our community. God Bless You All! ”


“We are so grateful that you were here for my son. He has made a complete turn around since his counseling. We are so happy we got the services. Especially because you are Muslim counselors and also very affordable. We could never afford counseling otherwise. I recommend counseling with MAS SSF to all families. I can’t thank you enough. You save families. ”


“MAS-SSF staff are unsung heroes, they work tirelessly to tackle some of the most difficult issues facing our community. MAS-SSF provides vital services that have helped so many families from falling apart. ”


Just wanted to extend a warm thank you for a grade A presentation on parenting at Salam Academy.  You have rejuvenated our approach to parenting!!
JAK for your time and expertise!!


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